How long does sea cargo takes to get to Nigeria?

Sea cargo takes 6 to 8 weeks to deliver in Nigeria .

How long does air cargo takes to get to Nigeria?

Air cargo usually takes 5 to 7 working days to deliver in Lagos, However due to covid 19 it now takes up to 10 working days

Can I pay in Naira ?

Yes you can pay in Naira see our payment page for account details and call us for daily rate.

Can I send my orders directly to the warehouse ?

Yes you can now send your orders directly to our warehouse, Putting your full name and Bigsam Global Logistics as the correspondant. Please call us to inform whenever you have sent goods directly to our warehouse so we can look out for it .

How often do We ship to Nigeria ?

Due to high volume of customers we ship containers to Nigeria every week ususally on every Tuesdays or Thurdays of the week.

Can You Deliver anywhere in Nigeria ?

Call us on 01612232750 for more Details on this, as delivery options may vary.

Can you pick up ?

Yes we collect for free within 3 miles radius to our Manchester office for more than 3 miles please call for price.

For Pickup outside Manchester please call us on 01612232750 for more info as prices may vary.

How often do We send aircargo to Nigeria ?

Air cargo move every Thursday all goods must be in our warehouse on or before Thursday 2:00pm.

Do you have a branch in Nigeria ?

Yes we do Please check our Contact Us page for full address of our Nigeria branches.

What can I carry ?

We can carry any thing from Parcel to bags to white goods, any type of vehicles, Machinery, plants, and Household goods. 


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